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Touch of Class Car Wash invites your car to the ultimate car wash experience!

From the moment Touch Of Class Car Wash and Detailing Center washed its first car, we have delivered superior service. From car washes to detailing services, we GUARANTEE that each customer receives the finest service possible.

GT Quartz - Nano Cermamics Coating

Try it once use it forever. Nano Ceramic Coatings are completely different from traditional carnauba waxes and other paint sealants. Traditional waxes provide excellent depth of gloss and protection to the surface, but when exposed to environmental contaminants, sunlight, rain, snow, and repeated washings, average protection is typically up to 90 days. Nano Ceramic Coatings bond to the surface to provide enhanced paint protection that takes years to wear down.Our Nano Ceramic Coatings are based on Nanotechnology, which is the science of working with very small particles, defined as 1 billionth of a meter or smaller. Gliptone’s Nano Ceramic Coatings are made with a base of Silicon Dioxide (SIO2), with our premier product enriched with Titanium Dioxide (TiO2). Silicon Dioxide is most commonly found in nature as Quartz and when formulated into a ceramic coating, a chemical bond is created with the surface. The fact that it has been made in Nano scale allows it to fill in the microscopic pores in your factory clear coat. What does all this mean? It means Nano Ceramic Coatings create a strong protective surface that is semi-permanent, super hydrophobic, easier to clean and maintain, and significantly enhances the appearance of both gloss and matte finishes... CALL US FOR DETAILS

Touch Of Class Car Washes Offers...

Complete detailing, lease return reconditioning, hand waxing, hand washing, interior & carpet cleaning of your automobile or motorcycle

  • gift certificates are always available for any of our services
  • money saving coupon books for any of our washes

Buy 4 washes in Advance and get one FREE!

Buy 7 washes in Advance and get 3 FREE!

Touch of Class offers frequency discounts (no coupons needed)...

Wash the same vehicle within 7 days and receive $3.00 off automatically

Wash within 14 Days and receive $2.00 Off and wash within 21 days and receive $1.00 off automatically

Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction

Our motto-customer loyalty and satisfaction is our #1 priority

If you are happy with the way we cleaned your car tell a friend...

... IF NOT, TELL US!!! email here

Home of the one-on-one service, one attendant details your car to your complete satisfaction- Special requests NO PROBLEM!


Did you know that Touch Of Class recycles?

We use biodegradable products made by Ecolab, Blue Coral and Simoniz, that are safe for your car and the environment

We have a State Of The Art recycle system, that cleans and purifies the water that we wash your vehicle with. Our system is the same system that Mercedes Benz uses at their ports to clean their new vehicles. Every car gets rinsed with fresh water. We conserve water, to save the environment.

TEXT: "tocwash" to (855) 947-4709 from your mobile device!

Touch of Class
836 Jericho Turnpike
St. James, NY

Open 7 days 7:30am - 4:55pm
(Weather Permitting)

T - 631-265-0777
Text: "tocwash" to (855) 947-4709 from your mobile device

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