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Our car wash only uses what we consider to be the very best soaps, waxes, and products on the market today for the professional car wash. We use lots of soap and water on every car to ensure that your car is gently and efficiently cleaned every time. We pride ourselves in the commitment to you and your vehicle.


Exterior Service $29.69 plus tax
Full Service $36.81 plus tax
Deluxe Wash $43.27 plus tax
Teflon Wash $47.87 plus tax
The Works $66.28ft plus tax

*Minivans, trucks, and vans additional.

Washes Include:

Full Service Car Wash

Consists of vacuuming inside of the vehicle (floors, mats, seats, and ashtrays). Dusting: dashboard, steering column, center console. Exterior is washed and windows cleaned inside and out, car is individually towel dried.

Exterior Car Wash

Exterior is washed, and individually towel dried.

Deluxe Wash

Includes a full service carwash plus undercarriage wash, triple coat foam protectant, clearcoat sealant, rim brightener PLUS tire dressing.

Teflon Wash

Includes the Deluxe wash PLUS the Simoniz Double Bond Teflon car care protection by DuPont, formulated to last up to 30 days.

Works Package

Includes the Deluxe wash Plus Simonize glass shield treatment for the glass, Detailers Choice Express Wax (by Simoniz) for the paint and your interior dressed with a protectant and two front mats washed. - Available from 7:30am - 4:15pm

Optional Car Care Services

(all prices are plus tax)

Tires $5.00
Wheel Brighter $2.53
Mats $2.50 per mat
Triple Foam Conditioner $3.00
Clear Coat Sealant $2.00
Undercarriage Wash $2.00

Did You Know?

In 60 seconds, a typical 5/8 inch garden hose running at a typical household pressure of 50 psi uses 14 gallons of water.

The Clean Water Act of 1972 mandated that water from a professional car wash must be piped to treatment facilities. Driveway car washing puts the soaps, road grime (oil, tar and dirt) into the storm drains which leads to ponds, streams and lakes.

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Text: "tocwash" to (855) 947-4709 from your mobile device

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